Font D’or water is born right in the heart of the leafy expanses of cork-oak woods that clad the Montseny mountains, 1,000 metres above sea level. Sant Hilari Sacalm is a town in the district of La Selva, located in the Guilleries range. Its municipal boundaries run from the plain Pla de las Arenes to the west over to the mount known as Puig de Sant Miquel or Puig de Solterra to the north-east, and from La Gavarra to the mountains Serra del Pedró to the east. The town, dubbed the ‘town of the hundred springs’, is situated at the head of the Osor watercourse, also known as the Sant Hilari river.


It was there on the plain Pla de les Arenes that was to be found the vast estate called Cortals de Tarrés, comprising a small area of agricultural land and a larger one of woodland. This estate spilled over into two municipal districts, most of it in Arbúcies and the remainder in Sant Hilari. In the latter part was the spring popularly known as Fontdor (‘spring of gold’). The water sprang directly from the rock in the form of a cascade that never dried up.

It was back in the mid 1950s when Mr. Florenci Serras Thos began to consider marketing those waters. It was not a new kind of business for him, since he had

experience in the world of water, but here he had the chance to work with family waters that were owned by his uncle Joan Serras Pascual.


Late in 1956, Mr. Florenci Serras, with the blessing of his uncle, started the formalities and the works needed for turning those waters over to commercial use. It was on 1 January 1957 when, with all the necessary permits in his pocket, he launched his marketing work from a small single-storey bottling plant engaged solely in filling large water bottles made of glass.


The 1970s brought change: on 11 March 1971 the company Fontdor, S.A. was formed. This event entailed the appearance of more partners, more capital and a new and more up-to-date bottling plant, which soon gave rise to the emergence of new containers for the water. The 1980s saw the joining of new members in the company, and they were to lead it through a period of expansion and growing reputation, until Fontdor, S.A. finally became part of the Vichy Catalan group.


Those changes commenced in 1986, and Fontdor water swiftly conquered widespread recognition and came to command a good position in the commercial market. This can been seen in the modernising of the bottling plant, which is notable for its high technology and safety ‘ so much so that it is regarded as one of the most modern in Europe. Yet the great event that brought final consolidation for Fontdor came in 1992, when it was chosen from among many other waters to be the water that would be a constant presence for all at all times during the staging of the Twenty-Fifth Olympic Games in Barcelona.


Fontdor water stands out as a natural water of extraordinary purity, and features a balanced mineralization that enhances the digestion, particularly the digestion of milk, which explains why it has always been recommended for use in preparing baby foods. It is also a feature in the world of gastronomy: prestigious chefs and a great many housewives use it as a prime element in cooking their dishes, on account of its distinguished qualities. Thus Fontdor water is part of our everyday lives from our earliest childhood on through all the meals we enjoy every day thereafter.



Font D’or Maximum Thermal water of Sant Hilari de Sacalm

Font D’or water comes from the largest and oldest aquifer in Europe. This special water is naturally filtered by granite at its origin.


Its composition is guaranteed to be consistent because it comes from one source: the Montseny-Guilleries massif. In the area there are other springs, but Font d’Or is located at the maximum height (1,000 m).

Font D’or has earned 6 gold medals for quality.

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