#1 sparkling water in Spain

Charismatic, Honest, Lively

and Different


Strong Personality: Loaded with minerals, 27.

Honesty & Purity: From Rain Fallen 10,000 years ago, when

there was no pollution at the time.

Uniqueness: You have not tasted anything like this before

Energizing: Makes you feel great after practicing sports.

Vichy Catalan was established in 1881. This premium water emerges from the ground at 60 degrees Celsius, which gives it a unique personality. The water is rich in minerals from the heart of the earth, which coincidentally have been shown to lower cholesterol, thus bene tting the heart. It also has many other health properties. It is unlike any other sparkling mineral water. Vichy Catalan mineral water is good for you, containing 27 of the 34 minerals that the human body needs for good health.

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